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Tri-Grain Ltd Recruiting Assistant Manager

Role for Tri-Grain Assistant Manager

Tri-Grain is a company owned in joint venture between three large cooperative Grain storage and marketing businesses in the North East of England. Collectively the three companies store 300,000mt of grain across 6 sites in the North East.

Since its inception Tri-Grain has created comprehensive Health and safety training and mentoring programs for all stakeholders and employ trainers and contractors to deliver these courses primarily to the co-operative’s staff and farmer members.

The strategy of Tri-grain Ltd is for the three companies to work together and innovate new ways of collaboration in line with the companies purpose.

The future of Tri-grain is to develop joint projects which benefit all three companies and their members through saving costs, raising revenue, increasing efficiency or reducing risk.

The company has expanded rapidly over the last few years and is now looking for an assistant manager to join the team to help expand the company.

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Assistant Manager Role 201029
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